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How Convey Connect Helps Your Business


There are currently hundreds of registered conveyancers in New South Wales. In that environment, sometimes it is difficult for conveyancing practices to determine a way to be visible in the marketplace.  Convey Connect offers limited memberships and equal rights to make offers on available conveyances.  You can be assured that your practice will not be lost in the crowd.

Let Convey Connect advertise your business

Like all businesses, conveyancing practices need to make strategic decisions about their limited advertising budgets,   Small businesses often cannot achieve market penetration with the advertising budget available.  Convey Connect does the advertising for you and your practice receives the benefit of advertising platforms it would not otherwise be able to access.

Extend the reach of your business

As a small business it is likely that you target potential clients within your limited local area.  This means you are always competing with the same conveyancers in your town or suburb for the same pool of work.   With the commencement of electronic conveyancing and easy access to other technologies, the market demand for face-to-face interaction has decreased. There is no longer any reason to limit your business to your traditional geographic market.  Convey Connect introduces you to potential clients anywhere in New South Wales and helps you take advantage of the changing marketplace.

Manage your workflow

Choose when you make offers on new conveyances. Do you have 5 settlements this week?  Are you already advising on 3 new contracts?  It’s simple – if you are busy managing your current practice, there is no obligation on you to use Convey Connect.  On the other hand, are you anticipating a break in your workload in coming weeks?  If so, login and make offers on multiple conveyances.   Convey Connect is there for you when you need it.

Position yourself in a different market

It is becoming more common for businesses to have separate identities in person and online.  Convey Connect allows you to tailor a new business approach which is distinct from your everyday face to face practice.  For example, you may wish to promote a specific expertise via Convey Connect.  Alternatively, you may be prepared to offer a different pricing model to Convey Connect customers.  Because of the way Convey Connect works you can focus on a different expertise or offer different prices without interfering with your existing branding and customer base.

Willing conveyancer / willing customer

Securing new clients takes effort and time.  For every conveyance you do, you have taken enquiries from any number of potential clients.  Sometimes, it takes a long telephone conversation for you or the potential client to determine that your relationship is not going to work.  Convey Connect takes the first steps for you.  Convey Connect asks the right questions of potential clients through a carefully designed process intended to profile the vendor or purchaser.   With Convey Connect, you are being connected with a potential client already satisfied with the price you have offered and the time in which you can carry out the conveyance.   Let us weed out the tyre kickers!

Benefit from doing a good job

Convey Connect encourages its customers to rate their conveyancing experience.  These ratings are monitored by Convey Connect for inappropriate content.  Encourage your satisfied customers to rate you on Convey Connect and receive the rewards of those ratings being visible to potential new customers.

Word of mouth is still important

Convey Connect need not interfere with the traditional way you interact with the marketplace.  After Convey Connect assists you to connect with a customer, your new, happy client is free to recommend you to their family and friends, colleagues and associates. Convey Connect will not seek any further fees or commission. It’s how successful businesses are made!


A conveyancer is a licensed and qualified professional whose job it is to provide advice and information about the sale or purchase of a property, prepare documentation and conduct the settlement process related to the sale or purchase.

In New South Wales conveyancing was traditionally undertaken by solicitors and the cost of such work was charged according to a pre-determined scale based on a percentage of the value of the property. In 1992 legislation was passed which enabled conveyancing work to be also undertaken by licensed conveyancers.l.

The main purpose of the “cooling off period” is to enable you to arrange for pre-purchase inspections in relation to the property such as building and pest reports and to obtain unconditional loan approval from your bank.

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